Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Bing Maps Silverlight Control For All Browsers

Summary: Microsoft CRM 2011 Bing Maps
After many months of work and some great customer feedback from all of our customers using eMap for MS CRM 2011 we now have a new release with a range of new functionality which extends data visualisation and manipulation even further in the Microsoft CRM interface. 
The new functionality includes
1.       Pivot Data through relationships
2.       View Selector at entity layer
3.       Default Pan and Zoom

Pivot Data and Pivot Rules though data relationships
One of the great new features with eMap is the ability to pivot related data from a single pin, this means you can now select a single Account pin and show related data on the map for that account based on a configurable rule.
Rules are created in the settings and can be used on different layers

You can create a rule that maps a relationship to the data that is requested for the relationship to display
As an example you can see below the data for the Isle of Wight, this is where MyCRM is based and in the first screen shot you can see all related data  

 Now by switching the pivot view on you only see related data for the Account Record based on the rule 

This is a very powerful option as it enable end users to identify single customers with related data and work directly with those records selected.
View Selector at entity layer
Another of the great new features for this release of eMap is the ability to switch on the view selector at the layer level, which gives end users the ability to quickly switch data views .
By switching this setting on end users have access to system and personnel views that have been created on the CRM system for the data type.

This extend further the ability to visualize CRM data on a map interface and work directly with different view sets.
 Default Pan and Zoom

The final new feature in this release of eMap is the ability to set the default pan and zoom when loading a Map in CRM  
The map centre can be set to “All Pins” or “Form Entity”. “All Pins” is the current default behaviour and zooms and pans the map to fit all available pins.
 New settings “Form Entity” only works on Form maps, and will set the centre of the map to be the location of the form entity. When this option is used, a default zoom level can also be set.

To get access to the latest version of eMap either view setting in the MyCRM licence manager where eMap is install or head to our application download centre to get a 14 day trial


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