Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Experience with Questions and answers

Ms CRM Interview Experience HCL Technologies.

Hi Friends,

Everyone would have heard about HCL Technologies. HCL being one of the best among the Indian IT companies, many people long for an entry to their campus. Let me share my ms crm interview experience with HCL.

The first round is the Technical Round and they asked the following questions. 

1.Tell me about yourself ?
2.what is main difference b/w CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011 ?.
3.what is difference b/w the managed and unmanaged solution ?.
4.what is diff b/w the REST and SOAP ?
5.what are the Services available in ms crm 2011?
6.diff  b/w workflows and dialogs ?
7.How many ways we can register the plugins?
8.what the steps to register the plugin through plugin registeration tool.
9.when we can go for the plugin and workflow? you can set the field level security? you can modify the button in ribbon ?
12 what is the diff in fetchxml,RetrieveMultiple,QueryExpression ?    

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