Step by Step Business Transaction Process in SAP CRM 7.0

What is a Business Transaction?
·         Business Processes in SAP CRM:

               Business transaction provides business structure and the functions that can be used, that can be used to control and mange the business process of any company. In SAP CRM business transactions are used  to represents business interaction of your organization with various business partners.
                In SAP CRM each and every Business transaction Type look and feel  is always  same but coming to functionality side each and every Business transaction Type is different.
A Business transaction provides the business structure and it also   consisting of Leading Business Transaction Category. The   Business structure depends up on Business Transaction Category.
In SAP CRM the business transaction   consists of the  header level and the item level.

Header (General) and Item Data representation in a Business Transaction

Transaction Types Item Categories and Category Description
·         Transaction Type structure:
Ø  A transaction type defines:
o    attributes
o    characteristics
o    controlling attributes
Ø  In SAP CRM business transaction processing is controlled by a transaction type
Ø  The leading business transaction category in an transaction type controls:
o    specific settings that can be applied on a lower level
o    other business transactions categories to which it could be assigned
o    detailed control of the transaction
Ø  The properties and attributes of a business transaction item are specified by an item category.
Ø  Item category controls how the item is processed.

·         First an item category needs to be assigned to an item object type that defines the business context in which an item category is used.

Similar to transaction types, an item category can be assigned to one or more business transaction categories.

Item category Determination:

Item Category determination depends upon:
·         Transaction Type
·         Item Category Group
·         Item Category Usage
·         Main Item Category
Ø  Item Category Group is a field in the product master.
Ø  Item Category Usage comes from the programming logic.


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