step by step procedure for copy controls in SapCRM with screen shots

Summary : what are the copy controls in Sap CRM ?
Copy Transaction or Follow up transaction

Follow-up transaction:-
A follow-up transaction represents the next business transaction in the current business process
·         For example, from a released Sales Contract, Sales Orders can be created.
Lead   --------------------------à opportunity
Quotation -----------------------à Sales Order
Lead --------------------à Quotation/Sales Order (directly based on client requirement)
Like this we can create (copy ) one business transaction  type to another business transaction type by using Follow up Transaction option.
·         Thus in this case, Sales Order is viewed as a follow-up document for the Sales Contracts

·         In case, a follow up transaction is created from a business transaction:
·         it is possible to configure the transaction type for the follow-up transaction
·         header data is copied
·         you can select items
·         transaction history is updated
·         for this copy control setting should be maintained

·         this flow can be seen in the Transaction History assignment block

Transaction History assignment block of a business transaction
·         Following are the required settings in the copy control settings:
Ø  Copy control for transaction types
Ø  Copy control for item categories
Ø  Settings for target transaction type are maintained
Ø  Determination of the item category during the copy (optional)
Ø  Implementation of CRM_COPY_BADI (optional)
  • In SAP CRM BAdI definition CRM_COPY_BADI is provided for implementation to write your own data transfer routines.
  • You can access the interlink-age between business transactions at header and item level through the transaction history data.
  • SAP CRM also provides option Subsequent Referencing, where you can link an activity while it is being created to an existing activity.
  • This will make the new transaction a follow up to the existing one.

By using this concept we can copy the Businesss Transaction type to same Business Transaction type
For example ,
             Lead ---------------------à Lead
            Opportunity -------------àOpportunity
Quotation ---------------à Quotation
Sales Order ------------à Sales Order
Eg:-a sales order can be copied to create another sales order 
Like this we can copy one transaction to same transaction type .here we can’t copy one transaction type  to another transaction type.

In case, a business transaction is copied:
·         transaction type is same
·         header and item data is copied
·         transaction history is not updated
·         no relation to the source transaction is maintained

From an existing business transaction it is possible to create a copy or to create a follow up transaction.

Basic Functions in Business Transactions
·         Basic functions in Business Transactions:
·         Text Determination
·         Date Management
·         Status Management
·         Incompleteness Check
·         Partner Processing
·         Action Processing
·         Pricing
·         For each business transaction in SAP CRM it is possible to maintain different notes.

·         As per the requirement, it is possible to combine a number of text types in the text determination procedure.

·         Text determination procedures are used in the business transactions for different relevant texts in the transaction.
·         CRM Web UI provides assignment blocks to
·         Create a new text with a particular text type.
·         Display the text in the business transaction
·         Modify the particular text
·         With date management it is possible to process the dates that are relevant for the business transaction.
·         It consists of:
·         Date type
·         Date rule
·         Duration
·         Date Profile

·         This date management system also supports conversion of saved dates to user time zones and considering the factory calendar in business transaction.

·         Dates in a business transaction can be entered manually or can be calculated by the system using the date rules.
·         Status management Allows maintaining user statuses in a status profile for business transactions.
·         It consists of status profile which is assigned to a business transaction.
·         If status profile is not assigned to business transactions type/item categories, system statuses are displayed in the application.

·         Following can be defined in a status profile:
·         Activation sequence of user statuses
·         An initial status/start status
·         Set transaction status connected with user status
Activity Management
·         Activity management is an example of the business transactions in the SAP CRM.
·         An activity represents an activity performed by an employee in the organization
·         It also covers the scenario where there is an interaction of the employee with a particular business partner involved in the business transaction
·         Activities can be linked as follow-up documents to various business transactions like Sales Order, Service Order, etc., provided as part of difference CRM modules like Sales, Marketing and Services
·         Technically -
·         Information about interaction with the business partner on a particular date is contained by a Business Activity
·         Information about activities that one or more employee has to complete by a particular date is contained by a Task
·         SAP CRM provides different type of activities to cover different channels of communication with the business partners involved in the business transactions

Types of Activities:

·            Similar to the other business transaction types, activities contains data related to the processing of the involved business process for example the interaction with a business partner involved in the business transaction

     Structure of activities:


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