What is the permanent resolution security role issue in MS CRM 2011 ?

summary: What is the permanent resolution for following issue ?

               I have 2 users [A & B] who have been assigned same security roles within a single business unit. Issue is A can access records but B can't. 

              But when I change the security role of B to system administrator role and publish the same , refresh the crm again, and assigned the original security role which B has, The issue seems to be fixed.

                This swapping of security roles to sys adm and again changing back to original security role is a temporary workaround in both MS CRM 4.0 and CRM 2011.

                           Can you guys kindly provide me why it is happening so ?

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  1. User A nd B having differnect access levels .Make User B access level as User A.Let me know If I am Correct or wrong..?


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