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Summary: How to Mscrm 2013 View Customizations and Publishing Customizations learning materials,online free training,pdf,ppt,doc free download

View Customizations:
A view is a read-only representation of the entity’s records. It shows just a few of the entity’s fields, and you can see them in the main screen of the entities in the Advanced Find results and in the Look Up Records  results.
Several different types of views are created by default for each entity, and you can easily create new views. For each view, you can customize the fields to be displayed by adding,removing, or changing the display position of each column. You can also set the desired width in pixels for each column (see Figure 23.20). By default, the columns have a fixed width of 100 pixels.
                                             FIGURE 23.20 View customizations.
Publishing Customizations :
When you have completed your desired changes to an entity, you must publish the customizations so that users can see and use the changes. To publish, select the entity you want to publish and click the Publish All Customizations button, as illustrated in Figure 23.21.

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