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Summary:Ms Crm 2013 Form Javascript Events
JavaScript Events:
JavaScript events are related to forms and the controls inside the forms only. Each form has OnLoad and OnSave events, which can accept JavaScript. Each field also has the OnChange event, which can also accept JavaScript. This new version of CRM 2011 also adds new events for the Tab control to track the tabStateChange event and to IFRAMEs to track the OnReadyStateComplete event . This new version also introduces new javascript objects to easily access the from fields values and context information through the Xrm object. The previous version used to use the crmForm.all object collection, while this collection still exists in CRM 2011 for compatibility, the new Xrm.Page object collection is the recommended way for new CRM 2011 JavaScript customizations.
OnLoad event:Occurs every time the window of an entity is open, either when you edit an existing record or when you create a new one

OnSave event:Occurs every time the Save icon or the Save and Close button is pressed
OnChange event:Is fired every time the value of the field is changed and after it loses the focus .
TabStateChange Event:Occurs every time the user switches from one tab to the other (see Figure 23.30) OnReadyStateComplete event:Is fired when the content of the IFRAME has been loaded (see Figure 23.31)
To start adding script to this event, you need to create a web resource of type JavaScript that you can use as a library where you can have a common repository for the event scripts you will handle. This is a good improvement in this version of CRM 2011 that allows as to reuse the JavaScript function on different forms and entities.
This new version has changed and added more powerful JavaScript objects that now can be accessible through the object; however, the old object model that uses the crmForm.all object still works for backward compatibility.


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