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E-Mail Configuration:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the following e-mail processing options:
1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook with Offline Access.
2. The E-mail Router manages both incoming and outgoing messages.
3. The E-mail Router also supports POP3 e-mail systems for incoming messages and SMTP e-mail systems for outgoing messages.
4. Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail messages are sent asynchronously by using E-mail Router.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook:
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook can also be used to perform the following tasks:
1. Deliver received e-mail messages to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2. Send e-mail messages generated from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

E-mail Router:
The CRM E-mail Router is a piece of software that receives messages from a service and forwards the messages to another service. For example, the messages are received from the CRM Server, and they are forwarded to Microsoft Exchange or to the configured e-mail server, or vice versa.
The E-mail Router performs the following tasks:
1. Routes incoming email message to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
2.Sends e-mail messages generated from Microsoft Dynamics CRM
The CRM E-mail Router comes as a separate installation and must be installed after the CRM Server installation. You can install the CRM E-mail Router on a separate server; this doesn’t need to be the same server where you have Microsoft Exchange Server installed or the same machine where you have the CRM Server installed. You can even install it on a separate server or computer running Windows 7, Windows Vista Business, or Enterprise because those are the versions that can be joined to a domain. The computer that you install E-mail Router on must have a connection to the Exchange Server or POP3 e-mail server. Also, the server is not required to be a member of the same domain as the CRM Servers.

The E-mail Router contains the following components:
1. E-mail Router service and program files.
2. E-mail Router Configuration Manager.
3. Rule Deployment Wizard. This wizard lets you deploy rules that are used to route e-mail messages to a forward mailbox.

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