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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implements a new concept for extensibility called solutions that improves a
mechanism for deployments of virtually any kind of system customization.

Previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM allowed only for the customization of entities that you were able to export and import in one single XML file, but other customizations, such as reports, templates, and plug-ins had to be deployed separately. Microsoft realized that partners and clients were having a hard time trying to maintain CRM customizations because they usually involve modifying entities’ views or forms or modifying and adding new attributes to the entities. Most of the solutions that currently exist on CRM and xRM environments involve other pieces of software such as plug-ins, reports, custom static and/or dynamic pages, images, scripts, Silverlight applications, flash animations, templates, and web services just to name a few.

A solution is a package that is a new and greatly welcome improvement that will help us in the deployment, support,upgrade, sale, and distribution of all the customizations we can think of. Each solution is compiled into one zip file containing the following components:
. Entities
. Option Sets
. Client Extensions
. Web Resources
. Processes
. Plug-in Assemblies
. Sdk Message Processing Steps
. Service Endpoints
. Dashboards
. Reports
. Connection Roles
. Article Templates
. Contract Templates
. E-mail Templates
. Mail Merge Templates
. Security Roles
. Field Security Profiles
By default each CRM organization has a hidden solution created with a friendly name of Default Solution. This is a system solution that cannot be deleted. To work with the default solution, go to Settings, Customizations, and then click on Customize the System as shown in following .


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