Sap CRM Function / Technical Middle Ware Complete Process

Summary:Sap CRM Function / Technical Middle Ware Complete Process free download ppt,pdf,doc. 
Basic Settings:

Connecting CRM and ECC
In R/3:
  • Check assigned logical system name � 3-digit system name � i.e. ECC
  • Create RFC Destinations � SM59 or SALE
  • Maintain table CRMCONSUM - to activate either R/3 or CRM as a consumer of the system you are maintaining the table in
  • Maintain table CRMRFCPAR � Through this table the determination of the RFC destination for the data transfer is connected with the consumer, client, object name and transfer type
  • Check assigned logical system name � CRM
  • Create RFC Destinations � SM59 or SALE
  • Maintain table CRMCONSUM
  • Create a Site definition - SMOEAC - start the administration console in CRM
Data Consistency

  • Solution Manager: Customizing Scout & Distribution
  • Data Integrity Manager (transaction SDIMA)Synchronization of Transactional Data
  • Requests: For data with no initial load capability
Monitoring Tools
  • Monitoring Initial Load: R3AM1
  • Initial Load: R3AS
  • qRFC Monitoring:
    • Outbound Queue Scheduler: SMQS
    • Outbound Queue: SMQ1
    • Inbound Queue Scheduler: SMQR
    • Inbound Queue:SMQ2
  • Middleware Trace: SMWT
  • Middleware Portal: SMWP
  • Bdoc monitoring: SMW01


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