Plugin Registration Tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Summary:Plugin Registration Tool for MS CRM 2013.

Step1: Download Latest CRM 2013 SDK 6.1 from the following URL                

Step 2: Install the SDK and Extract the file.

  Open the folder-> SDK -> Tools folder, you can see the “Plugin Registration” Application.

Step 3: Click on the Plugin Registration. It will open the window as below.
Step 4: Click on the “Create New Connection” Button .it will open the pop window from there you can connect to the On-Premise,Online,Office 365(Outlook) see the below Figure.
Step 5: Click on the Login Button it will display the list of Organizations on the server and the Organization it will display the list of Registered DLL’s. You can see as below.
Step 6: Here we can Replay the Execution also .


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