Entity Ownership in Ms crm 2013 and interview questions for tcs,wipro,infosys

In Dynamics CRM 2013, when you create a new entity you can define the entities "Ownership” by choosing “Ownership” option.

So what does it mean? Entities, can be owned by

2.User or a Team

Organization owned entity

  • Records of “Organization owned entity” can be viewed by the whole organization
  • Records cannot be shared or Assigned
  • The security roles for organization-owned entities have two access levels: None and Organization

i.e., You cannot define “Access levels” like (User level, Business unit level, Parent: Child Business unit level)

User or a Team owned entity

  • Records of “User or a Team owned entity” can be limited to users or teams, so that you restrict data access to authorized users
  • The user-owned or team-owned entities have five access levels: None, User level, Business unit level, Parent: Child Business unit level, Organization.
Interview Questions On Entity Ownership in Ms CRM 2013:

1. what difference b/w the  Organization owned entity and User or a Team owned entity ?
2. can we assign/share the Organization owned entity records ?.
3.how many access levels for Organization owned entity ?.

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