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Dynamics 365 CRM – Technical Course Content

PART I – Basic and Advanced Customizations in MS Dynamics CRM

How to start Development

·         Introduction Office 365 Administration
·         Installing the additional add-on solutions to D365 CRM
·         Setup Basic setting to start the Development

 Entity Customization

·         Basic Form Customizations
·         Form Customization – Working with Tabs, Sections, Fields and IFrames
·         Calculated and Roll Up fields.
·         Quick Create and Quick View Forms.
·         Introduction to Application Event Programming
·         Using Form and Field Events.

                        MS CRM Entity Model

·         Customization Concepts – Entity Types and Attributes
·         Creating Custom Entities and Attributes

                        Relationships, Views and Advanced Views

·         Types of Relationships
·         Relationship Behaviors
·         Creating Entity Relationships
·         Entity Mapping

 Views and Advanced Views

·         Public, Personal and System Views
·         View Customizations – Common Tasks
·         Advanced Views Customizations

 Form Scripting

·         Client side scripting using Java Script
·         Business Rules.

Working with HTML Web Resources

·         Custom html pages development
·         Passing the values to Html page to CRM form and visa versa

Report Wizard, and Exporting Reports
·         Creating Reports
·         Uploading SSRS reports CRM

Working with Dash Boards
·         Creating Personal/system dashboards
·         Interactive Service Hub

PART II– Extending MS Dynamics CRM

                                       Processes (Workflows & Dialogs)

·         Overview of Workflow
·         Creating Workflows steps through Workflow Designer
·         Overview of Dialogs
·         Creating Dialog Pages, Prompt and Response
·         Working with Input Parameters in Dialogs
·         Creating and working with Actions
·         Creating and Working with Business process flows.

 Ribbon Customizations

·         Creating & Hiding Ribbon Elements
·         Enabling & Disabling Ribbon Elements
·          Working with Site Maps

 Introduction to Solutions

·         Managed & Unmanaged Solutions
·         Importing & Exporting Solutions

Advanced Client Side Scripting

·         Working with ODATA
·         Working with REST
·         Working with Web API

CRM Web Services

·         Introduction to Web Services
·         Query Expression & Query Attribute
·         Request & Response


·         The Event Execution Pipeline
·         IPluginExecutionContext Interface
·         Developing Plugins
·         Deploying Plugins
·         Debugging Plugins
 Custom Workflows

·         Developing Custom Workflow Activities
·         Deploying Custom Workflow Activities
·         Debugging Custom Workflow Activities
Custom Actions

·         Creating Actions and Using the Input/output Parameters
·         Registering Plugin on Action.
PART III – Dynamics 365 Features Explanation

Voice of Customer

·         Creating surveys
·         Designing the Survey Questions
·         Automation Distribution of send survey
·          Organization Insights
·          Relationship Insights

PART IV – Administration, Settings & Configuration

`                       Administration

·          Creating and managing Business Units, Users and Teams
·          Privileges, Access Levels and Security Roles
·         Creating and managing Security Roles
·         Auto Numbering and System Settings

Settings & Configuration

·         Business Management
·         Sites, Sales Territories, Facilities and Resource Groups
·         Working with Multi Currency
·         System Queues and Custom Queues
·         Services and Business Closures
·         Fiscal Year Settings and Quotas
·         Subjects
·         Connections

Data Management

·         Duplication Detection Settings, Rules and Jobs
·         Bulk Record Deletion
·         Data Maps and Imports
·         Product Catalog
·         Understanding the Product Catalog
·         Unit Groups
·         Adding Products
·         Creating Price Lists
·         Creating Discount Lists
·         Using Deployment Manager
·         Redeploying Dynamics CRM


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