Interview Questions on Dynamics 365 CRM Webservices and WebAPI

Subject: Interview Questions on D365 CRM Webservices and WebAPI 

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Recently my friends and colleagues are started giving the interviews on MSCRM.  I got an idea to consolidated all of them and posting answers to them.

Questions :

1. What are services difference between the CRM Versions ?

2. What is major changes happened in D365 CRM compared to previous versions ?

3. what is advantages with Web API.



1.Web API will gradually replace Organization service and Organization Data service to become single web service for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
2.Wep API Request and Response have JSON format, so its very easy to work with Wep API from JavaScript.
3.Maximum 5000 records can be return for each request.
4.It implements  OData (Open Data Protocol) version 4.0

Organization Data Service-

Organization Data service is available since Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and is mainly used for client side development (code running in browser)  using JavaScript.

1.It is preferred service for client-side development.
2.Organization Data service is also known as "OData" or "REST" endpoint.
3.It implements OData v2 standard.
4.It is deprecated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, Web API should be used to support Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and future versions.
5.It can return maximum 50 records in a single retrieve operation.

Before CRM2016 CRM 2016 onwards(WebAPI)
 Organization service and Organization Data service Web API(Eventually the Web API will replace the Organization service and Organization Data service)
Organization Service which was optimized for use with .NET Wep API supports wide variety of programming languages (including .Net, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python)
IDiscoveryService web service You can use the Web API Discovery service
-This service enables your applications to determine, at run-time, the organizations that the signed-in user belongs to.
REST endpoints Web API replaces SOAP and REST endpoints
1.Need to use ODATA was strictly restricted to CRUD operations. And Associatte and Disassociate works here-This will not support assign and send mail and Execute Requests
Note:Need to use SOAP for other operations like send email,Execute,Assign request
WebAPI supports The earlier version of ODATA was strictly restricted to CRUD operations and  perform operations that earlier required us to use SOAP requests
1.if we consume the Web API using JavaScript within an HTML web resource, form scripts, or ribbon commands you don’t need to include any code for authentication.
2.for external applications connecting to on-premises deployments or IFD/CRM Online you must specify the user’s network credentials or use the OAuth respectively
Organization Service

Instance Web API
Discovery Web API
Technology: Web Services and WCF Technology : MVC Web API


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