Customer Service

Customer service

Fastest service with best price!

Boost service effectiveness and customer satisfaction with Dynamics 365

Successful CRM business solution boosts sales productivity with:

  • Insight to Customer understanding
  • Improved sales
  • Increased sales success
  • Shortened sales cycle
  • Improve win rates
  • More informed customers

Case Management

Enable agents to provide differentiated levels of support with flexible Service Level Agreements “SLA’s”. Gain insight into service effectiveness with the ability to track and analyze key metrics like First Response and Case Resolution

  • Manage related cases, review entitlements , and a Timer to ensure you do not exceed/breach your SLA’s
  • Define and managing service entitlements and SLA’s.
  • Create dynamic routing and queuing rules to ensure you hit your service targets.
  • Merging duplicte or creating parent / child relationships between cases to eliminate redundancies.

Earn loyalty. Empower agents. Stay agile

Delivering exceptional customer experiences means that every interaction matters. Service by Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers agents with everything they need to deliver superior service – from one consolidated view – giving agents the opportunity to focus on their customers rather than on navigating multiple screens and systems.

Make customer service effortless

Make it easy for customers to solve issues on their own with our self-service CRM solution. Provide a customizable online support portal that leverages an organised, searchable knowledgebase to deliver real-time updates, consistent answers to service questions, and product and service information and documentation.


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