Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The latest update release to Microsoft Dynamics 365. With the new release of Microsoft Dynamics 365, get updates to Marketing Dynamics, Microsoft Social engagement and more.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, your organisation can deliver Intelligent Customer Engagement to the market – helping companies deliver customer experiences that are personalised, proactive and predictive. The Dynamics 365 update includes all of our CRM services, Parature, from Microsoft, Dynamics Marketing and Microsoft Social Engagement and covers 4 major themes, Productivity, Intelligence, Mobility and Unified Service.


Enhanced knowledge base and global content model on CRM enables organization to create a single source of knowledge for the whole organisation. A new content editor and editing experience helps teams keep knowledge articles approved and up to date.

The interactive service hub comes loaded with a multi-stream dashboard specifically targeted at Tier One agents. Users can view and act on their workload across multiple data streams. The streams can show data from Views or Queues (e.g. My Activities, My Cases, Cases from Queues I’m a member of etc)

Dynamics 365 includes a new survey designer that to create and send out questionnaires to collect feedback from customers about your products or services. Customers can take a surveys on a phone, tablet, or computer

We are excited to announce that users of Dynamics 365 Online will be able to get fully utilise CRM on mobile. With added offline features, it provides the ability to get your work done even when there is interruption in connectivity. Users will be able to create, change and delete records while offline.

Building a beautiful document based on CRM data is now simplified with Document Generation. You no longer need to manually extract CRM data for documents such as Account summaries, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, and product sheets. With one click, users can easily generate a document from CRM using pre-defined Word and Excel templates.

To help increase productivity, Microsoft is providing the ability for salespeople to conduct analysis in Excel, directly within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This eliminates the time and effort required to switch between applications in the middle of completing a business process. Salespeople can now view sales data in familiar Excel templates, perform what-if analysis, and upload the changes, all while maintaining the work context.

OneDrive for Business has been added to complement how users store and share contextual content in CRM. Get a consolidated view of documents across SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Office 365 Groups within the context of the CRM record.

For Outlook on the desktop, Microsoft already delivers CRM for Outlook, which provides true offline and rich sales capabilities inside the productivity application that salespeople already use on a daily basis. In this release, Microsoft makes it even easier to stay productive by surfacing contextual information from Dynamics 365 right in your inbox.